Training The
Smarter Way

Exercise | Move | Eat | Think | Live

All of your questions about exercise, nutrition, weight loss, mindset, and SO much more are answered here, based on my 35 years of working with hundreds of clients. Have you been told you need to stretch? That cardio is the way to lose weight? That core training is the most important exercise--or that a weak core is the cause of back pain? Those are all MYTHS!! You'll find the TRUTH in this book—that
exercise doesn't have to be a drag, that it's the only way to stay strong and vital. That most of what people think they know about nutrition isn't correct. That exercise isn't about burning calories and losing weight, it's about being healthy, mind and body. And I write about how to walk, what to consider when buying shoes, even how to set up your desk so you can work pain free. It’s your guide to a life you’ll love.