We offer a variety of group training classes that are accessible to all fitness levels:

SMART classes—Strength training exercises (pushes, pulls, squats, hinges, etc.) and conditioning exercises (kettle bells, battle ropes, agility ladder, medicine balls, etc.) change monthly, and are tracked so you’ll se improvements. The 45 minute format makes it easy to fit your workout into a busy day.

TRX Training—offers cardio and strength workouts. Suspension training will make you stronger as your balance and coordination also improve.

TRX Sticks ‘N Straps—This combination of rip training and suspension training improves strength, endurance and power with the addition of rotational training—perfect for golf, tennis or lifting kids into car seats!

Yoga and Refleksiv Yoga—Improve strength, balance, and coordination in this mix of traditional yoga and yoga poses using the suspension straps.

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It’s a great place to work out in a friendly environment! Always feel welcomed and the trainers are great at catering to every level of fitness.