A professional fitness trainer is the key to making the most of your workout time. Whether you're training to be stronger and feel your best, trying to overcome a nagging injury, or preparing for a special event, our coaches are here to help you set your goals and attain them. Our clients range from school age children training for sports to seniors who aspire to get

stronger and improve their posture and balance. Each personal training session begins with an evaluation of your alignment and muscle balance, and if necessary, we do corrective work before beginning any other exercise. We specialize in evaluating your current status and teaching fundamentals of exercise technique, as well as recommending particular exercises specific to your needs. We also design special training programs for recreational sports, from snow skiing to surfing. Personal training sessions are available as private sessions or semiprivate sessions for up to 4 people. Exercise is even more fun with a friend!

Personal Training

The trainers at TrainSmarter are very knowledgable in how the body works and how to maximize strength for function. I love my workouts and can never believe when an hour has passed. That may be because

Susan works with me so her goals for me are also my goals for myself.

I have a neurologic deficit especially on my right side and use canes for

walking. Susan has helped me with strength, reorganization of how I use my body and stability so that I have real hope of getting rid of the canes. I’m probably her most challenging client. Susan’s knowledge is

incomparable and she is constantly researching and learning!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!Kathy DeLucas

"Susan both varies and customizes my

workout to address my specific physical

issues and also to make sure that I’m

getting the overall fitness workout for

optimal aging and development.

Equally important is the mental boost I

get from the workouts! I leave feeling

taller, stronger, more confident and

even more optimistic. Working out with

Susan is definitely an hour well

spent!"Lisa Engel

A fantastic facility and trainers that are

top of the line. Not your run of the mill

place- TrainSmarter is special and

unique. You must try!Amy Neiman

Contact Info

1105 Dunston Avenue

Birmingham, AL 35213

United States




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