Many people suffer pain unnecessarily. The aches and pains that people attribute to “getting older” or “bad genes” often are a result of muscle imbalances or faulty habitual postures. Some common issues typically caused by muscle imbalances are pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, low back or neck; rotator cuff impingement; tendonitis and rounded shoulders. Unfortunately, many people suffer unnecessarily or limit their activity because they don’t know that certain exercises will correct the biomechanical imbalances and alleviate their pain. Using principles of Muscle Activation Technique, we have had amazing results with postural realignment and strengthening leading to pain relief. A Corrective Exercise session begins with an evaluation to determine the source of your issues and then we make a plan to work together to address them.

Corrective Exercise

“… you had me from “walk across the room”. ;-) Susan videoed me walking and then pointed out how EVERY STEP I take puts extra pressure on my spine and my knees.  It was easy to see when she pointed it out.  And if I can’t walk properly, what happens when I run, pivot, turn? I felt like I got an hour seminar today that I needed at least 45 years ago.  What I’ve had explained to me by a very frank fantastic trainer is this:  The fact that I have a bad back, arthritis and am 61 years old should be motivation to improve and protect my body, not excuses I use to ignore my fitness level.  There ARE appropriate exercises for every condition and you need to build muscles that protect and support your weak areas.  In my case, I need to learn how to move and build bi-lateral muscles so that I don’t stress my back, knees, or neck.  I was just making it worse by “favoring” those areas.  I hurt less on a daily basis and definitely after a weekend."--Carol Burt

"Susan is not just a Corrective Exercise Specialist in title. Countless times she has brought her care, curiosity, and exhaustive research to bear in my weekly visits and has made a very real difference in the way I function day-to-day. I truly believe that her personalized workouts have kept me healthy and younger than my actual age." --Kathy Girardeau

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